Back In the Closet or Backed into the Corner?


This research was conducted in an attempt to indict outdated and insensitive administrative policies on behalf of transgender and gender expansive students. The researcher hypothesized that historically single sex institutions have a negative impact on transgender and gender expansive individual's identity formation. A convenience sample of 100 students from Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, age 14-18, responded to a questionnaire pertaining to gender identity formation within Sacred Heart. Students identified their intersectional identities and reflected on their transgender and gender expansive peers' experiences. Overwhelmingly, students were unsure if transgender and gender expansive supportive policies exist within Flintridge Sacred Heart. A majority of students were suspicious of policies in support of transgender and gender expansive students. A majority of students disagreed with the sentiment that transgender and gender expansive students are adequately represented on campus policy. With this research the initial hypothesis has been confirmed that historically single sex institutions negatively impact identity formation in gender expansive and transgender students. 



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