Trans-Versing Gender Boundaries: An Examination of Flintridge Sacred Heart’s Women's and Gender Studies Curriculum


The rise of trans-exclusionary-radical-feminism (TERFs) presents a threat to trans-inclusive gender studies classrooms, by the infiltration of hateful ideology into traditionally feminist spaces. A content analysis and pupil survey of Flintridge Sacred Heart’s Women’s and Gender Studies curriculum examines possible shortcomings of the course and suggests curriculum improvements. This study determines that by applying a lens shift to the existing WGS curriculum, the course can provide a broader introduction to the field of Gender Studies. The addition of transgender phenomena in classroom materials and discussions will complicate course concepts such as feminism and sexism. The classroom survey indicates a want for more intersectional and trans-inclusive approaches to the course, and demonstrates the potential danger for individual students to become tokenistic representatives of their identity within the classroom. Historical progressions of trans-exclusionary-radical-feminism and gender studies pedagogy are discussed.



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